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16-Channel Lidar

Laser beam: 16 beams
Wavelength: 905nm
Laser class: class1
Accuracy: ±2cm(typical)
Range: 20cm to 150m(20% object reflectivity)
Data rate: 320,000pts/s
Field of view (vertical): +15.0° to -15.0° (30°)
Angular resolution(vertical): 2.0º
Field of view (horizontal): 360º
Angular resolution (horizontal/azimuth): 0.09º to 0.36º (5-20Hz)
RPM: 300rpm to 1200rpm(5Hz to 20Hz)
Input voltage: 9-32VDC
Power consumption: 9w(typical)
Sensor protection: IP67
Operation temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Dimension: H:82.7mm*φ:109mm
Weight: 0.84Kg(without cabling)
Data type: spatial coordinates/intensity