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Conventional stage construction equipment

brief introduction:

As a cultural communication company that has thousands of construction and execution experience, and has accumulated hundreds of boutique cases in conferences


As a cultural communication company that has thousands of construction and execution experience, and has accumulated hundreds of boutique cases in conferences, forums, opening ceremonies, exhibitions, and warm-up activities, Guangzhou Pinyuan Performance Equipment tells you the need to build a regular stage Stage machinery, stage audio equipment, stage lighting equipment, stage dance equipment, stage multimedia equipment, etc.

Conventional stage construction equipment

1. Stage machinery

Lifting stage, telescopic stage, stage machinery, lifting system, electric boom crane, lighting cage, etc.

2. Stage sound equipment

Professional audio equipment includes: mixer, power amplifier, speaker, line array, equalizer, effector, crossover, compressor, notebook, CD player, MD player, DVD player, wired microphone, wireless microphone, walkie-talkie, wireless Chest microphone, microphone stand and other equipment.

3. Stage lighting equipment

Computer lights, downlights, AC lights, imaging lights, digital light control, computer light control consoles dimmers, effect lights, laser lights, surface lights, strobe lights, tri-color soft lights, follow lights, spotlights, Computer scanning lights, computer color-changing lights, computer astigmatism lights, pattern lights, stage sky, ground row lights, digital silicon box mobile light stand TRUSS stand, etc.

4. Stage dance equipment

Snow machine, bubble machine, firework machine, cold firework, inkjet, rainbow cannon, dry ice machine, air column, smoke machine, etc.

5. Stage multimedia equipment

LED background walls, projectors, projection screens, projection lifts, etc.

Guangzhou Pinyuan Performance Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly undertakes:

1. Corporate annual meetings, press conferences, campus art evenings, and opening meetings;

2. Large, medium and small concerts, large-scale comprehensive celebrations, music festivals, concerts;

3. Product promotion meeting, auto show, house show, exhibition and display conference;

4. Opening ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, celebration performance, birthday banquet, undertaking lighting, sound, stage and LED large screen projects.

Main services: large-scale events, press conferences, opening celebrations, exhibition supplies rental, event supplies rental, exhibition supplies rental, wedding supplies rental, conference supplies rental, etc. To provide the majority of friends with rental items, perfect the effect of the event and add color. Provide on-site technical services. Lease of explainers, answering devices, scoring devices, IPAD electronic signing, simultaneous interpretation equipment, projectors, LCD TVs, large lighting and sound screens, and start-up equipment: rent from one day and deliver to your door.

We promise: full on-site technical support by engineers. Ensure the smooth progress of your exhibitions, conferences and celebrations.

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