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6 Way Box Truss Corner Block

Item NO.:PINYUAN-Accessories1572
Payment:30-50% T/T in advance
Product Origin:Guangzhou
Shipping Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Lead Time:2-15 working days

Product Detail


6 Way Conjunction Box Cube is most popular in all kinds of Box Truss Systems Setup. 

6 Way Box Truss Corner Block:

This 6 Way Box Corner Cube is to create a stable and secure Truss Structure for your Stage Equipment with 290mm x 290mm Square Truss. This Truss Corner Block can connect trusses in 2-6 ways which is much multiple for rigging.

box corner 290x290mm

box corner truss

spigot truss corner

spigot truss corner


 Universal Flexible use

Steel bolted cubes corners protect the zones from heat

1 to 6 ways available to connect the right square truss



   Main tube:50 x 3 mm

   Bracing:25 x  2 mm

   Dimension: 290 x 290 x 290 mm 


   Transportation volume:0.03m3


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