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Aluminum spigot triangle truss system 290x290mm

Item NO.:PINYUAN-Spigot-Truss1128
Payment:30-50% T/T in advance
Product Origin:Guangzhou
Shipping Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Lead Time:2-15 working days

Product Detail


290mm triangle truss

Product Description:

290 Aluminum Triangle Lighting Truss is lightweight but strong. and it can span 8m with a loading of 100kg .Triangle Lighting Truss is popular small events. 

Product Detail:

Aluminum spigot triangle truss system 290x290mm offers a Longer Span and heavier lifting capacity compared with ladder truss. it can be installed to be all kinds of Architecture Structure for decoration and exhibition booths. 


• Lightweight and save space

• Smart and nice looking .

• Easy to transport.

• Made special design in wedding events or other performance.

• Pins connection makes it quick install 

• Low Maintenance




Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6


290 x 290 mm



Main tubes

50 x 3 mm


25 x 2 mm

Connection type

Conical couple system


Silver , black or customized


CE,TUV and ISO9001


Wedding,Exhibition, Performance, Concert, Conference and party and all kinds of celebrations.

Length and Weight:



50 cm

3.5 kg

100 cm

5.8 kg

150 cm

8.1 kg

200 cm

9.5 kg

250 cm

11.2 kg

300 cm

12.9 kg

Other length can be custom on request.



It will fail to install the Truss Ground Support due to its triangle shape.

Cleaning work of Aluminum spigot triangle truss system surface

Do not use rags to wipe hard on the surface of the aluminum alloy truss, rain, etc. The surface of the aluminum alloy truss is generally galvanized. Wiping the rag will lose the gloss of the metal surface and look like an old one. If you need to wipe the surface, please use a soft cloth to reduce scratches on the aluminum lighting truss.

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