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Lighting Truss also called “stage truss”, it is widely used in stage events.
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What is Lighting Truss?

Lighting Truss also called “stage truss”, it is widely used in stage events to hang the moving head lights, LED screen, line array speakers, TV studios,ect. This Stage Lighting Truss System is made of Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 or 6082-T6. Anywhere staging equipment is deployed you are likely to find aluminum lighting truss.

Lighting Truss comes in several different lengths and when connected together, create longer spans or different shapes such as Ladder Truss, Triangle Truss, Square/ Box Truss, Circle Truss, Hexagonal Truss and Star Truss. It is mostly applied in stage lighting equipment, so it can be also refereed to Stage Lighting Truss.

PinYuan is one of the most reliable Lighting Truss Manufacturer from China. All our Aluminium Lighting Trusses are height quality with CE,TUV & ISO9001 certificates approved. We offer 100% satisfaction and warranty to all of our clients. 

Lighting Truss

Lighting Truss Systems

PinYuan supplies aluminium lighting truss from all the major manufacturers such as Milos, Duratruss, Global truss, Alustage and Prolyte. We also offer our own custom truss manufacturing facilities. Therefore we can provide specialist and non standard truss designs under our brand.

We can advise you through the different grades of stage truss available and its suitability for whatever your requirement or situation may be, from a lightweight shop truss system to heavy duty industrial stage truss rigging.

  • Aluminum lighting truss
  • Aluminum lighting truss

We provides standard truss in a variety of sizes, strengths, and lengths. Each truss size can be manufactured in lengths ranging from 0.5m to 3m and in some case up to 6m. Truss from all over the world is deep and vast. Materials, shapes, sizes, and accessories all play an important role in determining what is right for your application. Below is a list of Truss styles and truss products to meet your trussing needs.

Trussing is simply an invaluable tool for quickly creating a defined display area which is strong enough to support heavy equipment, and for providing secure mounting for curtains and advertising banners.Often hidden away behind screens and drapes, truss is the backbone of theatre and television production due to its flexibility and its ability to be altered quickly on the spot.

Truss Structure

Lighting truss can be found everywhere in our daily lives from fashion catwalks, car showrooms, exhibitions, live events, nightclubs, sporting events and just about every rock and pop stage show ever put on.

Standard and custom truss joining pieces, corner systems and intersections allow structures to be completely catered to fit your exact needs, be it an elaborate design or one that has to fit into a designated space.

  • Aluminum lighting truss
  • Aluminum lighting truss

Stage Truss Design

We can advise you through the different grades and ratings of truss available and the suitability of its usage for whatever your requirement may be. From a lightweight shop system to heavy duty industrial lighting truss rigging that needs to be capable of supporting hundreds of kilograms worth of lighting and line array sound system.

  • Stage Truss Design
  • Aluminum lighting truss

China Made Aluminum Truss

Our 50,000 sq. meters truss manufacturing and fabrication facility is located in Guangdong, China, and has been operating since 2011. All our products are good quality with TUV, CE, ISO9001 Certificates.

China Made Aluminum Truss

More Information about the Truss

If you have ever enjoyed indoor performances, outdoor concerts, or any other event using speaker poles, concert lighting, LED screens, and stage equipment, this may be due to trusses. Although they look like simple aluminum beams, these professionally made and manufactured "sticks" are specifically designed to carry heavy loads and large load-bearing capacity. A high-quality truss is built to last as it has to withstand frequent installation, disassembly, collision, falling, throwing into and out of trucks, dynamic loads, etc. The trusses are the framework of the concerts. They are responsible for holding an entire production together. Choosing a good truss supplier for your project is essential. Making the right choices will ensure that your event always goes smoothly while being entertaining and safe for your audience. Truss can span very short and very long areas, so knowing the exact size of the performance space is a good starting point. Whether you need truss, expert advice, engineering design, or supply and installation, we can make the whole process fast, simple and safe. It is our business to understand your project and your project needs. With our large-scale test equipment, knowledge and experience, we can provide the most cost-effective and best solution for your precise application.

What is Lighting Truss Made of?

Lighting Truss is developed from wooden and steel truss at the end of 1970's to create the temporary supporting structures for lighting and audio equipment in the stages. While nowadays, the main materials commonly used for stage lighting trusses are Aluminum and Steel. Aluminum is the best choice for use in concert or stage production because of its durability, light weight and ease for transportation. Its weight allows for a quick and easy setup and tear-down. Steel truss is suitable for installations that are permanent or where high load ratings are required. No matter what the project, you should know the load ratings of your truss and deal with professionals.

Components that make up Lighting Truss.

✮ The Chords ( Main tube)
✮ Horizontal Members (Vice-tube)
✮ Diagonal Members (Brace)
✮ Spigot Connection
✮ Bolt Plate Connection
✮ Vertical Members
✮ The Truss Ladder

What is Lighting Truss Made of?

Common Sizes

Lighting truss comes in sectional lengths that may be connected together to create longer spans or different shapes. These truss structures are used to support lighting, audio and video equipment. The most common truss lengths are 1m, 2m, and 3m, custom length is available such as 1.5m, 2.5m, 3.5m or 6m. Call us for any information about the stage lighting truss’s size, we will offer you ideal choice in professionals.

Deployment Terms

From the deployment of the lighting truss, we can divide it into two different terms. When Lighting truss is supported overhead or hanging on the ceiling, we offer called it “ceiling supported”. If the truss structure is standing on the ground or is part of a larger design that is free standing it is most often called “ground supported” or ground support.

  • Lighting Truss Applications
  • Lighting Truss Applications

Lighting Truss Applications

The most commonly thought of applications for lighting truss are concerts, stages, theaters, architectural, trade shows and houses of worship. If you are to dig a little deeper you see that lighting truss can be found in anywhere lighting fixtures are deployed.

Concerts, Exhibits, Stadiums, Theaters, Arenas, Touring Productions, Houses of Worship, Theme Parks, DJ Booths, Department Stores, Race Finish Lines, Bars, Trade shows, Towers, Restaurants, TV Studios, Movie Sets and many more..

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Lighting or stage truss is typically fabricated from 2 round aluminum tubes referred to as main tubes. Truss sections generally consist of 2, 3 or 4 main tubes. Two main tube lighting truss is often called Ladder Truss, three main tubes truss are often called Triangle Truss and four main tubes would be a box truss. Generally speaking, most of the truss use 50mm tube in diameter as its main tube. The vice tube and the brace which wedding in the truss is generally a smaller diameter round tube such as 30mm, 25mm, 20mm and 16mm. There are varieties of connections available in the market that provide different strengths and load ratings. 60mm and 80mm tube is required in high load capacity truss. The thickness of the tube can be 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, even 8mm is required in heavy duty truss productions.

Truss safety loading test

The safety of the truss is the most important part in truss structures. PinYuan do loading test before producing in large and shipping. All lighting truss to be used overhead should be engineered with published load ratings and allowable load tables.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Good quality in raw material

The raw material for the lighting truss product by ourselves, we have our own raw material center. No need to worry about the quality of the aluminum material. That is why we can became the most reliable supplier for the stage lighting truss.

Good quality in raw material

Do remember to call us when you have inquires in stage lighting truss.

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