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2021 Guangzhou International Light and Sound Exhibition --Aluminum Exhibition Lighting Truss

Brief Introduction:


On May 19th, the four-day Guangzhou International Light and Sound Exhibition (Prolight+sound Guangzhou) finally came to an end. In the new normal of the post-epidemic era, the exhibition seems to be an important platform to reflect the current development of the industry. Corporate promotion and new product releases. Regarding this year’s Guangzhou exhibition, the amount of information in the circle of friends must have exceeded the headlines released by companies in the past year. Does this indicate the future of the industry?

Officially, the records are the highest in history:

1,386 exhibiting companies
150,000 square meters of exhibition area, a total of 15 theme exhibition halls
82,740 professional visitors

Unicorn (Beast) Show

This year, the Guangzhou Exhibition still adheres to the positioning of "seeing and hearing boundlessly and intelligently creating the future", focusing on the domestic market. If one of the highlights of the scene is not to be missed, the editor thinks it is a unicorn (beast) show. Wang Chunsen, the chief planner of Xiujia Technology, said: This time, he and the organizer have tried to create a new form of display that is different from traditional products, and united with Beijing Yingwen Space, Shanghai Rentian, Yuning Brothers, Guangxiang Technology, and Deshi Optoelectronics (DSE), Weiyou Acoustics (VUE), ACME, Jieyi Machinery (KAYO electric motor and CNC system), Ningbo Haoguan Electric, TOPTRUSS, Sioote and other partners have integrated the company’s latest products, Technology, through the presentation of sound and light, has created a shocking stage (show) experience for everyone. This is also the boldest first attempt at a domestic exhibition to break through.

circle truss

lighting truss ceiling mount

black lighting truss

In this shocking stage show, the truss system plays a vital role in the construction of the entire stage effect. Truss stand, circle truss, stage lighting truss, lighting truss rigging are widely used in the show. 

New product debut

Speaking of new products, the PM3 mixer brought by Yamaha and the S6L-48D mixer brought by Avid VENUE are the first shows. The d&b 44S high-performance speaker made its debut in the global and Greater China region. The EAW NTX series loudspeakers were auditioned for the first time at the exhibition site. The CODA HOPS12i three-way point source loudspeaker has just been launched. SE AUDIOTECHNIK also launched a new B series subwoofer system, SMX multi-function stage return speakers and COX passive coaxial full-range speakers. JBL KP8051 entertainment speakers and BEYOND series digital power amplifiers also made their debut. BBS newly launched PA-1 professional stage performance microphone, paperless conference system, XAS family K song all-in-one machine. PHILIPS brought the brand new CSS-2600 party room series and CSS-1321 line array series. sE Electronics also released V7 Mk and V7 VE customized microphones. MIPRO also unveiled the new digital wireless system ACT5800 series and the new ACT5 series wireless system.


speaker truss

Live experience

Faced with 15 themed exhibition halls and products of various brands, our eyes are almost too busy. Therefore, during the exhibition, the audience is more eager for on-site experience than "seeing" and "listening".

prolight and sound

Changes and trends

In this uncertain market change, every great change experienced by the world has made people clearly realize that the future will definitely be profoundly changed. Every enterprise is subdividing the vertical market. Whether it is the performance market, the fixed installation of conferences and muti-functional venues, and system integration, every enterprise is looking for its own position.

sound truss

Challenges and trials

In 2020, the biggest challenge that manufacturers will face is the shortage of chips and the rising prices of raw materials. Does the company have any solutions?

The R&D personnel from Yunchi said: The rise in raw materials and the extension of the delivery period are objective problems that must be faced. As a power amplifier manufacturer, we can only innovate technology in research and development.

As a manufacturer of high-end electronic components, Qin Kaijin, the head of Gabriel China in the United States, said: Raw materials are rising, and supply cannot keep up with demand. However, we cannot increase prices to customers drastically at once, and can only respond to market conditions. The price is fine-tuned, and more costs need to be balanced internally.

Quench Wang from ACME said: The shortage of chips has become the norm, and the entire impact will continue to penetrate into the normal operation of the downstream terminal market. Raw materials have risen, prices have risen, and the delivery cycle has been lengthened. It even faces difficulties in recruiting companies. But fortunately, ACME continues to promote the production of automation equipment, hoping to withstand the impact of the market.

Bao Junmin, the person in charge of Kumar Audio, said: The current inventory can be supported until the second quarter, and then plans to spend high prices on acquisitions to meet existing order requirements.

Ji Xiang, senior director of the Eike International Marketing Center, said: This current situation also requires companies to have a pre-judgment mechanism, whether it is to increase inventory or the direction of investment in the capital chain, it needs to be controlled accurately.

How to stand on the new journey of 2021 and start again? In foreign countries where the epidemic is still severe, how to adjust the strategic deployment of enterprises? I hope to listen to more views from everyone, and watch the industry's current changes and fixes together.

lighting truss rigging

aluminum truss

Speaker Truss

LED truss.jpg

The truss system can be seen everywhere in the entire exhibition hall, such as Led Truss, Speaker Truss, Lighting truss, concert stage truss, lighting truss ceiling mount, truss with lights, and black lighting truss. 

truss system

PinYuan is the biggest truss manufacturer in china, most of the booth were setup by Pinyuan. And we attended the exhibition very year. PinYuan is committed to the production of aluminum alloy products, including aluminum truss, portable stage, aluminum crowd barrier, aluminum scaffolding and tent. Any interests in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us for an inquiry. 

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